Using the Fuse Tool to make a Pocket Page.

I just wanted to give you a few handy hints on using the new Fuse tool by WeR Memory Keepers.

Firstly, don't be frightened to use the tool, but like anything - 'practice makes perfect'. So I have been practicing on a pocket photo sleeve for a few times before feeling comfortable to make a 'real' pocket page.

1) make sure you allow the tool to heat up for at least 10 minutes

2) use a green craft mat (seem to be heat resistant) or glass cutting mat

3) practice with the pressure needed to fuse the plastic sleeve (if you push too hard you will get a hole, and if its not hard enough you won't get any fusing)

I wanted to make a 'pretty' pocket page using the 6x6 paper pad from the "Debutante" range by Prima. I like that I can use the Fuse to make an extra pocket - down the side of a larger pocket.

And that I can add pretty sequins, twine & die-cuts to pocket & then seal it with the Fuse (make sure you add to both sides of the pocket before fusing).

Funny as this may sound, remember that once you have fused the pocket you can't add a photo, so leave those pockets open.

Double-sided papers are great for pocket pages as they're pretty on both sides, so while you're making the 'front' pocket page, the back is being created too!

Now you might see in one of my photos that I went across the pocket twice (right side of the feather) - thought I would like that look but its a bit 'wonky' so I think I'll cover that with washi tape (an easy fix). Hope this helps some of you - just have a go!

Happy papercrafting,

Joy :)

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