How to make a mini mixed-media canvas

Today I want to show you how to make a mini mixed-media Christmas canvas.

I am using a small canvas purchased from the craft section of a 'cheapy shop' - just check but these canvas are usually already primed with Gesso.

I wanted to use tissue paper as my background - I chose a single sheet of gold printed tissue & adhered it to the canvas using Gel Matt Medium. Then I put another layer of Gel Matt medium over the top, don't worry if the tissue creases, it adds to the texture. Dry with a heat gun.

Once that was dry, I painted on a very light 'wash' of Gesso (just add water to your brush & a small amount of Gesso) all over the tissue paper. Dry well.

To make the tree, I chose scraps of paper in white, grey & cream, as well as lace in cream & white. I placed each strip onto the canvas using the gel matt medium & then put a layer of Gel matt over the top, the same with the lace. Make sure each piece of paper & lace is tapering off as you go up the tree. Dry well with heat gun.

Put another light 'wash' of Gesso over this. Dry well.

Then I used texture paste & a star stencil in 3 areas on the canvas. Dry well. Brush a layer of Gel Matt medium over the top of the texture paste to seal it.

I added a snowflake sequin to the top of the tree, and a satin seam binding bow at the bottom.

To finish off, I added Distress Stickles to the tree - just gives it a bit of bling!

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